Gary's L&N Model Railroad

Some pix I like.


The crew is busy all the time--no one is allowed to just stand around and stare blankly at the layout. NOT!


Here is a photo I took summer 2006 at Ashlan Yard, the major classification yard on the RR. The loco is on arrival/departure track 2.
To its right are the mainline and siding, up against the hillside. The freight cars are in the classification tracks.
The cabooses are on the, guess what, caboose track. In the distance are some grey L&N locos in the engine terminal.
In the far distance the mainline continues south to Kingsport, which is a hidden staging area behind the scenes.
All of Gary's track and switches are hand laid. His equipment is not superdetailed with fragile parts, because it is heavily operated
every month by a crew of 10 to 20 for up to eight hours at a time. New operators are welcome to visit and perhaps join in,
with an email first to Bruce Morden, our designated "assistant whatever."
Gary's major interest in the model railroad hobby is trackwork and scenery. It is evident he is one of the great masters in the hobby.

This is a historic photo I found in Gary's trash.
Gary has assiduously concealed his computer expertise from his crew, pretending that he hasn't a clue about it.
Incidentally, Gary doesn't really have a big head, it just looks like it. He's the nicest guy in the world.







A prototype photo of the kind of thing Gary is modeling. Bruce Morden found it. This has been compared to Fowler Yard.




Since we are showing prototype photos of coal yards, here is my favorite! I got this off the Library of Congress website, IIRC (If I Recall Correctly). It is at Norfolk, Virginia in 1915 and warrants a close look.
This might be compared to Ashlan Yard, except this yard looks better organized. The cuts actually look blocked.
Be sure and scroll WAY to the right, this is a panoramic photo.