The Great Porsche RR Wreck

September 2004

After a big Porsche annual show in Ventura, an auto carrier load of cars returning to Costa Mesa was hit by a freight train.

These pictures of the aftermath are mostly from the Pelican Parts website,


The end of a beautiful day in Ventura at the annual Porsche Autofest.

The autocarrier split in half. The cab and front half is on the left of the tracks, and the back half is on the right of the tracks.




Nice show cars, huh?

Notice the low ground clearance of the autocarrier trailer. It high centered on the RR track.




Since it was only going across town, from Ventura to Costa Mesa, the autocarrier was not an enclosed type as usually used for classic cars.



Well, I guess these cars are wrecked, too.




"Bullet Bob" got out of his truck OK. I bet that train was really whistling, a long tooooot ending with "oh sh*t!"




The loco was damaged, but protected its crew OK.



Ah, if we could only turn back the clock and do things differently!!!

It really was a nice day.