More 928 pix by Mike O'Brien, SoCal 928.
Hey, this ain't a 928! Whatever, it ran neck and neck with the yellow GTSR.
The car is idling, it sounds absolutely incredible, I stood behind it to listen and to get this photo,
and moments later the driver gooses it to clear the engine, and I experienced pain from sound
for the first time in my life!

While we're not showing 928s, here is the pace car. It would look tough on the street,
but in this company it looks wimpy.



A black beauty on the grid.



Black 928 racers look really tough.



928s rarin' to be let loose.



Can you tell I like black racecars?



Mark Anderson's white car with the netting up inside the window, ready to go.
Can you believe the silver Ferrari was not as fast? Yup.



The yellow GTSR at speed crossing the start-finish line on the banking.



The yellow GTSR with the netting up inside the window. What a mean machine!



A second yellow racecar, in the garage area.



I didn't get pictures of the street 928s -- I arrived just as Keith and the SoCal928 gang were leaving.
Joe Privitelli got lots of great pictures -- go to


The following emails identify some of the cars:
(from the 928 mailing list at

Glen Larson wrote:
> Mike,
> Nice pics. Joe and Mark I know, but who are the other 928 racers?

From: Don Hanson []
Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2004
Subject: [928] Re: Some 928 racecar pix on Saturday

The other yellow car is Ron, a fellow who time trials with POC and
works for parts for Mark. The grey is Mike Avitt, I think. One of the
black ones is a stroker that is also in time trials with POC, Bob's I think.

The others I don't know from the markings they are in time trial
mode, I think. Mark A. can probably give a rundown, and maybe he will chime
in with a race report...Looks like the two "big boys" (strokers equipped
with the Phil Threshie intake set-up) qualified pretty well, from that one
grid pic....

Don Hanson


Subject: Some 928 racecar pix on Saturday
From: "Mark Anderson" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004

The cars I'm familiar with at the event were:

Mark Anderson #92 1988 6.5 liter white
Joseph Fan #62 1988 6.5 liter Cool yellow with GTSR graphics
Ronn Gorttschalk 1989 GT We tease him calling his car buttercup because of the off yellow color.
Andrea Moore 1978 5 liter euro motor- black
Bob Belsamo #410 1988 6.5 liter black
Renen Pelico #390 1984 5 liter euro black with hood nacas [NACA Ducts]

Well the 928's were out in force this weekend. We had 5 in our pits and a few
others were spread out. In Friday's first open practice Joseph and I were 4th
and 5th fastest out of 40 cars so we were off to a great start. The amount
of serious hardware was impressive including a few factory cars from the 24
hours of Daytona and a factory Ferrari 360 GT from the ALMS series. Joseph
and I qualified 7th and 11th for Saturday's race but I got to take advantage
of the 6.4 stroker's torque to pick up 2 positions when the green flag
dropped. By the end of the race I had made it up to 2nd but Joseph was
having some erratic electrical problem which held him back. Sunday's race was a
bit of the same. The starting position was based on Friday's qualifier so we
had to start in the same positions as Friday's race. Again I was able to pick
up 2 positions going into turn 1 then in turn 3 the leader missed a shift and
things stacked up a bit but I jumped into the lead. I was able to hold onto
the lead for a few laps but I did lose it to a 2004 cup car. All in all it
was a blast and I have a new respect for the Nascar guys. I was entering
turn one in the oval at 170mph and held on for dear life. I hear those guys
do it at almost 200.

On a side note I tried the stock wing to see if I got more top speed but
after the back end getting loose in the oval I went right back to the big
wing. It's been a long time since I was that scared on a track.


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