A few 928 pix by Mike O'Brien, SoCAL 928.


Porsche 928s at the California Speedway on Saturday, March 27, 2004 -- 40 miles east of my Pasadena home.
The Speedway is beside the old Kaiser Steel Mill in Fontana and is an amazing facility.


Cars are fastest on the banking here. This is the start-finish line. The lap pylon is neat.



The brilliant California sunshine glares off cars at the starting grid at the end of pit road.



The fastest 928.
(Note: see bottom of page 2 for emails identifying cars and drivers)



The white car at speed on the banked curve.
170 mph and "hanging on for dear life," said Mark afterwards.



The yellow "GTSR" was faster than most.



The yellow car on the banking blasting past the start-finish line.



The yellow GTSR rolling through the garage area. How fast can a car look?? This is it.



A good look at the white car rolling out to the grid after the yellow GTSR.



Gridded at the end of pit road, waiting their turn to rip up the track.



The first car on the grid was this GT1R. The white and yellow 928s are at left.

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